Well, I foundĀ out today that I am pregnant with our second child! We’ve been open to more babies, and will probably remain that way for the next several years until we feel God says our family is complete! (I’m hoping for 4 babies) but we shall see what God says!

Funny thing is, I took a test two weeks ago confirming I was not pregnant, only to find myself saying to God, “ok, I’m open to another, whenever you say.” Low and behold, two days later I find out I am indeed pregnant! This happened when I was pregnant with Roman as well – I said to God, ok, I’m open to babies…whenever You think best. …thinking that would be like within the year or something, ya know? Well a day or two later I randomly asked God what made Him happy, and I quickly heard: babies! I laughed aloud and thought, that makes sense, You’re the creator after all- You love life! well, I found out within that week that I was pregnant. He’s so funny and good like that.

Do you believe God cares about the cares and desires of your heart? I sure do! He’s such a relational father that He listens and wants to be actively involved WITH US, making these decisions WITH OUR INPUT because he so deeply cares about our wants and desires. I’m so thankful for this gift!