Baby Nook

Our home is itty bitty teeny weeny…it’s tiny! I love everything about our tiny little home + can’t wait to welcome our babe into our small nest! Baby C will not be getting it’s own room, but instead will be getting a small nook (or corner) in our room! I am so excited to re-do our room + make it more family + baby friendly in preparation of babe’s arrival!

When Tony + I were separated, our bedroom felt cold + depressing. It was important to me that I redecorate my bedroom to make it feel fresh! I (with the help of Sarah + Riordan, of course!) painted the walls pink + accented everything with white + gold, and everything fluffy; making it warm, welcoming, and girly! Poor Tony; the room has remained it’s own girly self for the last 2 years! Time for an update!

Our room refresh will be more bohemian/manly. Something subtle yet strong. I picture it being somewhat masculine, but with some soft textures and light colors that will give it just enough feminine flair to fit Tony, me, and either baby girl or boy! I am so, so excited and have been busy pinning and shopping for the perfect few accessories we need to make this room work for all of us!



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