Late Night Workin!

Late night at the office! As I sit here preparing my website re-launch, I am so reminded of all God’s taught me, all i’ve desperately yearned for the past year, and just how glorious life with Christ truly is! Here I am living in the promise God showed me a year ago…life with Tony. We are having one of the most boring, normal, hard working evenings together. Its not glamorous, but its so fulfilling! We both desire nothing more but to faithfully pursue the lives outlined to us by Christ.

Currently for me, that looks like preparing this blog that will house all the documents I wrote while going through a separation from Tony. For Tony, it looks like taking the businesses he has been entrusted with and giving them the time and attention they require. This year has proved to be one of the very most painful, beneficial, and glorious years of my entire life! Life is far from boring. Life is very full.