New Passion Project

Marriage + community has become the anthem of my heart for just about two years now. I so believe its time to create a safe place for us women to talk about what’s on our hearts, encourage one another, and gather together. Let’s share with one another in the burden’s, heartaches, triumphs, successes, and glories that each season we walk through contains! This is a call to community. A community that’s real, honest, and vulnerable with one another because its safe. I’m so happy to share that im in the process of creating a womens community that gathers seasonally to meet together, eat together, share with one another, and support each other through community and prayer. This is a new initiative that Christ has strongly places on my heart for the first time in the fall of 2014, and then He spoke to me about it again about two months ago. This gathering of women is something I am looking forward to fostering, and I sure hope we can create a community where all feel welcome to be themselves; no matter what season they find themselves in!  Check back soon to hear about our first ever Columbus Women’s Collective gathering!