Redeeming the Details

One of my favorite aspects of God’s goodness + protection has been revealed over the past 3 years as I watch him redeem EVERY SINGLE date that once bombarded me with sadness. He’s incredibly thorough + thoughtful, He continues to clean up the ashes from our separation and is creating monumental moments out of each and every single date! His clean up isn’t just ‘good enough’ it’s complete! As the years have progressed, my mind has begun to forget these sad dates, but my journal keeps showing the way God hasn’t forgotten and won’t stop working to redeem every last once of sin + sadness that fills the pages of our history books. He’s writing a new book in my life and it’s called: Living Redeemed: All Things New! He is so good + continues to clean + bless me through His unmeasurable goodness + great care! He truly is the very best Father. So thankful to know and serve such an amazing and good God! Thank you Abba for always caring…even about the things this girl has forgotten!