She Weekly

Hello All!

I would love to introduce you all to a passion project my friend Mackenzie and I are working on! She Weekly is a weekly newsletter that provides it’s readers with 5 things ‘she’ is loving every week! These 5 things range from items to buy, recipes to try, people to follow, articles to read, music to listen to, and the list continues to grow! This is our fun way to spark conversations about Jesus, ideas, food, and just all kinds of fun + good things with each other!

I love the way God works + brings people together – before the creation of ‘She’, He placed the call for community on Mackenzie and I individually, and slowly this collaboration was birthed! He gave Mackenzie the vision for this newsletter and online community, while I was feeling drawn toward community meet-ups. It’s been cool to see how She Weekly can encompass both visions + I can totally feel God’s heart on it! It’s been such an honor, privilege, and just so much fun to collaborate with Kenzie on this fun project! We will continue to provide 5 fun + interesting things to you ladies every Friday! Please feel free to subscribe, and join the conversation online!



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