So much to catch you up on!

Looks like 2016 got away from me as the year progressed! So much happened, so quickly that i never took time to sit and document my thoughts here…makes me sad, but I’ll do a few recap posts + vow to document better in 2017!


There are definitely a few really big things that happened to our family this year that I just have to share!


  1. We’re expecting our first child!baby c4
    1. Baby C will be joining us in 3 short months! We were very surprised to find out that we were expecting in August of this year + the story of our babe is nothing short of a miracle! God’s timing, ways of restoration + plan is beyond perfect! I know this babe + its due date have been hand picked by our Father not only to bless us with new life, but also to restore lives that had been broken. Through this process of carrying life, I have been healed of many wounds that I didn’t even realize I had until I found out I was pregnant. While learning about becoming a parent + trying my best to allow God to prepare me to be the woman, wife, and mother that He wants me to be in this new season of life, He has been faithful to reveal broken pieces + icky stuff that had been hiding in my heart. Although I always find it painful to remove, the end result is nothing short of worth it! He has provided an increase of clarity, an ability to love more, worry less, and the freedom to become myself once again. He continues to mold me – making me more whole + healed as time progresses! God revealed the ‘why’ of having a baby now + the meaning behind naming our child, etc. He’s so good + leaves NOTHING unthought of or intricately planned out to better us. I just love Him so much!
  2. We began working together on a daily basis! snap1-696x348
    1. I work for Snap Fitness! This was an entire new experience for me. We’ve owned 5 gyms for several years but this was the first year that I had been involved on a daily operational level with Tony – and i have been loving it so very much! We’ve been working side by side daily as we work to improve our current spaces + bring in new community + features to our members. We literally share an office (cubicle) at a Co-Working space + its been a really sweet season of just diving into our work together everyday! I’ve enjoyed it immensely and am so thankful to be able to enjoy working with my best friend! I now know that this season wont always look the same (especially with little babe about to make it’s debut) so I am so full of gratitude to this past year were work was our main focus…because it’s been so much fun growing together as business partners + finding ways to add value to our businesses.
  3. We designed an entire gym!
    Ribbon cutting at the new Bexley Snap + Native Cold Pressed Location!

    Ribbon cutting at the new Bexley Snap + Native Cold Pressed Location!

    1. We then were faced with the challenge of moving one of our locations + building out the entire space! We decided to take on the design aspect ourselves (we be crazy) and just like that, 5 months of my life was sucked up eating, breathing, and dreaming Bexley Snap Fitness! It was both terrifying + really fun! Huge thanks to God for leading us through that time as we came out with an unscathed relationship + the layout of the gym worked out really really well! It was a fun project that involved all our time, and tons of help from family + friends! So thankful for the amazing team that helped this project come to life! Once the gym finally opening in December I sat back and realized that it felt as though all other areas of our life had been put on hold as we fully focused all our energy into making this build out a success! I learned so much + it’s been fun to hear how much our members are enjoying the new space!
  4. We began the year 2016 as hubby + wife!
    1. God is more than good! There are no words for the thankfulness that flows out of me for our restored lives + marriage! Believing, partnering with God, and warring for such a long period of time was totally worth this new life we’ve been blessed with! Welcoming in a WHOLE + fresh 2016 TOGETHER felt like such a major win for my heart! I remember entered 2015 as a separated woman; believing for huge things in the year ahead! So much so that the shirt I wore on 1.1.15 boldly read: DREAM BIG. That was the mantra for my year + God brought my dreams into reality! Partnering with heaven for your future is REAL. It is real, it is practical, and it brings the most amazing dreams into this realm! 2016 has been nothing short of amazing. So beyond thankful to walking alongside Tony
  5. Our family bought a cabin!
    1. One of my Mom’s dreams for her whole life has been to have a cabin + property nestled among the woods. This dream of hers came true this year + it was such a treat to watch her excitement through the process! Once again, God continues to show up time + time again in big and little ways. I love the way He hears + cares about little details that mean a lot to us; Mom’s big dream was to have a cabin. Check! Her little dream was to somehow get to keep the moose that decorated the walls despite the owners saying they were keeping it unless she spent an extra several k’s on it… She said she whispered a prayer just asking for the moose for fun. Well, she got it! Free Moose from Jesus. Check! He’s so cool. It’s been really great to spend time as a family at this special place together! Looking forward to the summer as we get to spend time on the lake with all the siblings + babies making new memories that will last for years + decades to come!
  6. We got to travel a whole lot!
    1. One thing I had on my list for 2016 was extensive travel! I wanted to get up and go when we wanted since we are only young + without babes for so long! Little did I know that this was a wise decision as 2017 will look a little different with a little wee babe around! We were blessed with the opportunity to spend an extended time in South Carolina in February of 2016. This was planned to take time away from Columbus + the grind. We Airbnb our home during the month + worked remotely in South Carolina so we could just spend a quiet month focusing our time engaged with each other, and in work. It was refreshing + sweet to spend time alone with Tony! While there I began working on Steadfast Tattoo Co. (a God project) and also decided that I would work for Snap alongside Tony in the months to come!
    2. We also took a trip to Nashville during that month! Nashville has quickly become one of my favorite quick trips! We love the quirky town + all the amazing spots to eat, drink, shop, and be entertained! We spent time in the city meeting up with family to celebrate Donatos opening up their new concept, and also spent time with some sweet friends exploring the city and eating too much!
    3. In April I took a girls trip to Palm Beach to celebrate Ashlee’s upcoming wedding! It was a fun long weekend spent laughing, relaxing, and connecting with a great group of ladies! I almost missed my flight home…but made it just in time! So thankful for great friends + the ability to travel!
    4. In May we traveled to L.A. with Jane + many Zioneers to attend The Call with Lou Engle! It was one of the most ridiculous experiences! Felt so surreal to be in a stadium surrounded by thousands calling out for God’s glory to fall! Being in the same space as many greats was just too much for me! Bill Johnson, Kris Valloton, Heidi Baker,Lou Engle, Todd White, Bethel Worship, so many hereos of the faith gaathered together with one mission; to praise the name of Jesus. Incredible! While leaving the coliseum one night, we watched as Bill, Kris, and other Bethel men were leaving just 20 feet away from us! Tony totally fan-girled and wandered over shaking their hands and telling them how much they’ve influenced him. I just watched smirking from afar… a little bit jealous of his boldness! He also did the same thing to Todd White in the lobby of our hotel later that night; this time getting a big bear hug + a ‘bless you brother!’ Such a fun weekend!
    5. In June we cruised around Hawaii with Tony’s family! We got to explore paradise for a week + it was breath taking! One of my favorite things about Hawaii was discovering a small beach at the bottom of a hillside. There were many giant sea turtles sun bathing + it was one of the coolest things ever! There were also many impressive local surfers ranging from 5 to 55 just enjoying nature. So impressive + such a treat to get to see a snippet into the life of Hawaiian locals. Such a different, natural, and down to earth place!
    6. In July we took a work trip to the Snap Fitness headquarters in Minnesota! We spent part of the week learning about the vision + inner workings of Snap, met their amazing team + learned great tools to make our businesses more successful! Snap has an awesome team of hardworking + caring individuals + it was awesome to learn that many are follower’s of Jesus as well! Such a treat to meet like-minded people…instant connection! It was a fun time learning + also exploring the beautiful scenery of Minnesota together- definitely created some lasting memories on this trip!
    7. At the end of September-beginning of October we traveled to the Outer Banks with my family for our annual family vacation! While there Tony + I celebrated our Recommitment anniversary! to celebrate we traveled to Kitty Hawk Pier- the place we had been married 5 years earlier, and where I had been baptized two years earlier! We praised God together + prayed; thanking God for our miracle baby + restored family! We also celebrated Harlow’s 3rd birthday + my 28th birthday while on the trip! It was a great week spent in the sun!
    8. Snap opened the 1st of December! Tony was wiped out and thankfully we got to take a trip to Florida with Jane + Tori to recoup + relax before Christmas! The sun + sleep felt awesome. We spent a lot of time together as a family laughing about silly Christmas lights, laying by the pool, dining out, and just enjoying each other’s company! I am so blessed to have married into such an amazing family! I’m realizing more and more just how great all the people are that surround us + I’m so excited that our baby gets to grow up knowing all these amazing people!
  7. Connecting with women in ministry!
    1. I didn’t understand the purpose for Steadfast Tattoo Co, but looking back over the year I am able to clearly see how God used it as a tool to connect my to some amazing, powerful, world changing women! I am very blessed + so thankful to have connected with some awesome like-minded women who desire to bring change to our city + the women within it! Connection is definitely one of the things I am most grateful for this year!
  8. Noah + Abigail are engaged!
    1. My oldest little brother (we always referred to the three boys younger than us girls as the little boys) Noah got engaged! We couldn’t be happier for Noah + Abigail! They’re the cutest individuals (She’s a nurse, he’s a carpenter) and an even cuter couple! Their love for one another is evident + she loves my little brother so well + makes him so happy! He asked her to marry him at my parent’s cabin (see, we’re already making crazy good memories there!) using a handcrafted table + ring selected with care! We’re excited to celebrate with them as they marry in June!
  9. New opportunities for our businesses!
    1. As we continue to give everything + all our plans over to God it’s becoming increasingly evident that He has a real plan for us + our little business endeavor. People + plans have begun to come out of the woodwork approaching us with ideas + opportunities! It overwhelms me a bit, but excited Tony more! We’re both very excited to see where 2017 leads + are striving to give every big + little thing over to God before jumping to decisions! He knows what He’s doing.
  10. Preparing to be good people + parents!
    1. Ending the year I felt the weight of what is quickly approaching, and that is parenthood! In a few short months Tony + I will be parent! I desire to learn to love + live an example of Christ to my child. This is easier said than done, but can be done by following Jesus with love. Just loving him + allowing Him to teach me to love people. So I am beginning the year by laying down my desires and asking God to teach + mold me into the person He wants me to be. thank you, Jesus!