The Story Behind Steadfast Tattoo Co

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The story behind the creation of Steadfast Tattoo Co. is very near and dear to my heart, because it’s my story of finding identity and purpose!

Just over about four years ago, I left my job as a designer at one of the nation’s largest universities to pursue my childhood dream of being a full-time photographer. After running my photography business for almost three years, I was surprised to find that ‘doing what I loved most’ still left me feeling empty. Over the next year, my life came crashing down around me. Everything that once gave me purpose and meaning now felt empty. My whole world fell apart. I felt broken, abandoned, ugly, unwanted and ashamed. I was faced with the challenge to find, cultivate, and restore my true identity, my marriage, and new found love for Jesus! It was in this time of darkness that God began to restore my true identity, one word at a time.

Fast forward a year, I’m now the founder of a small business called Steadfast Tattoo Co. Steadfast was created out of the passion to instill and promote healthy identity to girls + women alike. Our purpose is to provide nuggets of truth, worth, beauty, and strength through the use of fun, encouraging, and trendy temporary tattoos! Each tattoo becomes a reminder of identity as well as a conversation starter for the wearer.

Proceeds from our shop go to bring both awareness and an end to human trafficking. Join us on our steadfast pursuit of true identity and freedom!

For more information please contact me, or follow along on our instagram feed! @steadfasttattoo