When Your Head Doesn’t Stop

Some days i find myself swirling through junk that has taken up residence in my head. I never invited it. I never said it could stay. but here it is….swirling and tormenting and taking up precious space within my noggin. I should clarify one thing for you: my head is constantly going with something..sometimes its filled with things worth its thought, other times not! This is one of those times. There has only been one time in my life where I had no thoughts. It. Felt. Weird. So weird in fact, that I remember it perfectly. It lasted almost an entire day. I think you call that a surreal moment? 

The weirdest thing I realized yesterday was this: I have had a head full of negative and toxic thoughts that have become so comfortable in my head that I wasn’t even aware they were there. WHAT?! I was doing NOTHING to fight them and cause them to leave! Oh, Hannah…how have you become so lax…where are your weapons?!

Here’s how this realization occurred last night: I was laying in bed, happily snuggled by my husband, and my head was filled with thoughts. I wasn’t paying any attention to them as I was drifting off to sleep- then bam, I zoned in to what was playing through my head, and it was awful. My head was spinning through scenarios, images, and thoughts that should never have been there in the first place! What was I doing?! How are my thoughts being so tormented, and filled with absolute junk, yet I was drifting off to sleep without even acknowledging the mess that had made its home within my head? Ah, Holy Spirit, thank you for taking note and waking me up to what I have been allowing to fill my thoughts, torment my emotions, and control my precious dream area! The scariest thing is that I didn’t even notice it because it has been happening for so very long, that it has become my normal.

Oh Abba, no! He says no! No, Hannah, this is not what you have been made for! My mind was not developed to imprison my spirit! Ah, thank you for the wake up call; the call to arms! I made a promise to fight this battle with scripture. I called off the spirits that I had unknowingly been partnering with, and had been allowing to take up residence in my mind, and took all thoughts captive in the name of Jesus. I will fill these spaces with scripture and call it up to fight every single thought that enters my brain waves. Jesus overcame this on the cross. I am no longer a slave to sin. I am not a slave to any of this. Abba, thank you for overcoming sin. Thank you for overtaking my world!

You are the best father and I am so blessed to know, and call you Father!

Do not partner with lies. Do not partner with toxic thoughts. do not allow junk to fill your mind. You are the bride of Christ! Fill your head with only what is lovely and life-giving. You are worthy. You are light. You are love.