On New Year’s Eve, our Zion family makes it a priority to speak life over their congregation. We are invited to come to the leaders + receive a word over our family for the year to come! It’s really awesome to hear from heaven regarding the time ahead, and super helpful to know how to align your heart and mind with all that matters!

Hearing God, and partnering with His plans has been a total game changer for our family. It makes living so full of beauty and meaning, it keeps you on your toes always anticipating what He’s up to next…looking for signs, listening for His confirming voice, and always aligning to Holy Spirit’s direction!

I’m so thankful for our living God, our church family, and all of you that are walking alongside us!

The ladies in our family have adopted this same practice and we’ve done it for two years now! It’s been such an honor to hear what God is speaking to each other, and then to prophesy over each other for the year ahead! I love this sweet start to the year, and sharing it with our family is just such a gift! So excited to see all that unfolds during this new year – Happy 2017, friends!