I read a quote yesterday that got me really excited so I’d love to share it with you:

“Breakthrough is still breakthrough even if it’s in seed form.” -Jenessa Wait

Breakthrough is breakthrough no matter how small it may seem in the moment; a shift is a big, big deal, so CELEBRATE! Celebrate the big, celebrate the small, God is in every move and He is worthy of praise, and He enjoys hearing how thankful you are with each and every movement taking place! God inhabits our praise, so open your mouth, throw up your hands and give the King the glory He deserves- that big breaking point might be just around the corner. Look at the seed as an invitation to partner with God in a process that will lead to growth.

Another thing I heard over the weekend that aligns with this was in reference to healing and miracles. James Maloney was talking about the beauty + difference of both. One happens immediately, while the other is walked out over a period of time; regardless, the end result is the same. Each showcase the beauty and goodness of our loving Father. One of the most beautiful things about healing is the process of the in-between. The in-between is such a sweet place to be! It sure can be painful in the present moments, but the in-between builds the most beautiful character! Take this time as an invitation to lean in, align, and allow God to reveal new facets of his character! Allow yourself to walk through this period of time with hope abounding, hope that change is just another praise away! As you partner with God, allow Him to love you in new ways and craft character and beauty in you that may not have been refined otherwise! The in-between is a gift; don’t rush it, just lean in, and align.